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Lee Chimerakis Lee J. Chimerakis is a Sr. Vice President, Financial Advisor And Sports & Entertainment Director at Morgan Stanley Group. His aim is to make complex financial issues simple. To know more about Lee J. Chimerakis visit website.
Lee Chimerakis Lee J. Chimerakis is a Sr. Vice President, Financial Advisor And Sports & Entertainment Director at Morgan Stanley Group and his mission is Simplifying Your Financial Life and Helping You Achieve Your Goals. To know more about Lee J. Chimerakis visit:
Ann Arbor Guns, Knives and Survival Gear Ann Arbor Gun Shop offering guns, gun parts, knives, optics and mountings, shooting accessories, and survival equipment for self defense, personal protection, and casual or professional shooting.
ArmsVault The ultimate gateway to firearms related information.
Arsenal Exchange Arsenal Exchange Free firearms classified ads and industry directory
Basic Shield Online repository of free gun manuals.
Big Boy Gun Toys Sellers of quality shooting accessories at affordable prices.
Brownells Firearms Supply Brownells has the largest selection of firearm accessories and supplies for rifles, handguns, and shotguns. Every item is in stock and ready to be shipped next day.
Concealed Weapon Cases CW Cases™ provide the ultimate in security, discretion and comfort, allowing the safest and quickest presentation possible, while providing a practical and discreet method of protection.
Corbet Design Build Corbet Design Build provides best site selection and design to fulfil client requirement. We have experienced designers, architects, builders and contractors to ensure all projects are successfully completed. To know more visit us:
CovertCarrier(R) CovertCarrier(R) allows the user to carry a concealed handgun, IWB, without a holster, case or pouch. Covert Carrier(R) is the Gold Standard for Total Weapons Concealment.
Craft Holsters Custom made holsters for over 750 guns. Shop directly from producers stock with a 5 year warranty. Our offer includes leather, kydex, nylon and duty polymer holsters & other gear & accessories.
damian trevor Damian Trevor is the respectable owner of Team Sun Construction. It has extensive range of construction services makes us your best choice for any project with his experts team. visit site
Darrell Maclean Darrell Maclean, the President of SMI for about 25 years has prepared a team of the experts who are skillful in handling the diverse variety of demolition and building requirements irrespective of the size of the firm.
Dr. Advaita Manohar Dr. Advaita Manohar is an expert on family and community medicine where he helps his patients with many illness prevention modalities.To know more please visit us.
Dr. Advaita Manohar Advaita Manohar is an Owner and Director of Pine Valley Medical Center. Dr. Manohar is a scientist at heart. To know more about Dr. Manohar visit us.
Dr. Advaita Manohar Dr. Advaita Manohar is a family physician and Owner of Pine Valley Medical Center in Ontario, Canada. He completed his Undergraduate degree in Chemistry at the City University of New York. To get more details about Dr. Advaita Manohar visit:
Dr. Randal Haworth Dr. Randal Haworth is a world renowned expert in facial rejuvenation, rhinoplasty, lip lifts, breast implant surgery, and a master of hyperaesthetic change. To know more about Dr. Haworth visit the site
Dr. Randal Haworth Dr. Randal Haworth, Beverly Hills is a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. To know more about Dr. Haworth visit us at
Dr. Rashmi Patel Dentist Dr. Rashmi Patel Dentist - Dr. Rashmi Patel got his dental training at the University of Washington graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. To get more details about Dr. Rashmi Patel Dentist visit website.
Dr. Steven Nguyen DDS Dentist Arizona Dr. Steven Nguyen is a licensed General Dentist practicing at Suncoast Dental Inc in Litchfield Park, Arizona. He attended one of the best dental schools in the world, New York University. To know more visit us
East Coast Firearms, LLC East Coast Firearms, LLC - FFL Dealer specializing in AK-47, AR-15, Uzi, MP5, and other tactical, assault, and military weapons. We offer a large selection of rifles, handguns, and other firearms. Visit our online store at www.EastCoastFirearms.com.
Firearm Resource Guide This is an educational resource for gun owners on ammunition, malfunctions and shooting ranges. It focuses on the benefits of firearm safety, training, practice, support, maintenance and care.
Firearms Logistics If you looking to ship firearms or you are shipping explosives or transporting firearms then Firearms Logistics are fully qualified in all areas of dangerous shipping.
Florida TargetMaster FLTARGETMASTER is my internet site as a collector/dealer. I am located near Tampa Florida. I deal primarily in military surplus rifles.
Guide to Internet Firearms Resources Courtesy of Jeff Chan
Gun Dealers Online The place that brings the GUN DEALERS to YOU, 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week. Our goal is to provide the consumer with a location to find firearms by easily browsing through dealer inventories for the hard to find collector piece and all of the newest guns
Gun News Daily Gun News Daily is one of the oldest running online firearm publications. Started in 2001, it has now been revamped as a modern online publication.
Gun Shop Little Rock We have a large selection of firearms for sale at our gun store in Little Rock. As an FFL dealer, we carry rifles, handguns, shotguns, and accessories at great prices.
Gun Show Books Gun Books...and Other Titles For Those Who Value Freedom
Gun Wraps Customize your guns with vinyl wraps.
GunArt.Net Posters & Manual of US, Soviet and Other Firearms
GunBroker.com GunBroker.com is an informative, detailed, secure and safe way to buy and sell firearms and hunting/shooting accessories. GunBroker.com promotes responsible gun ownership.
GunHoo: Gun Pages Central Firearms links: alphabetized, categorized, regionalized and searchable.
Gunners Alley We specialize in gun holsters for the Glock 42 and Glock 43 handguns.
Guns & Shooting Online The Definitive Firearms Site. Includes Handgun, Shotgun, Rifle, and General information pages.
Health Resources for Firearm Users Health Resources for Firearm Users
Holster Haven Providing links for self defense and shooting sports enthusiasts to web based dealers selling related products. Glock, Taurus, S&W, Kel-tec, etc.
Holster HQ Holster HQ helps you find the best gun holsters for your specific handgun.
Hoosier Gun Works 1500 Gun Stocks, 200 barrels and 2000 magazines. Gun parts, mostly Mauser and Enfield. Some commercial parts as well.
Jeff Ber Jeff Ber is a former senior investment advisor in Calgary, Canada. He involve in athletic events, volunteers, donates to charities to those who are fighting their battles with cancer.
Louisiana Gun A resource site for gun enthusiasts and Second Amendment supporters.
M.D. Smith's Reloading Pages Complete site with everything about reloading all types of ammo. Over 300 links page. Black Powder included. All popular rifle and pistol calibers. Index to manufacturers with phone numbers and addresses.
M1 Collectors Club Garands and carbine collectors. Club is affiliated with the Civilian Marksmanship Program.
M1 Family The M1 Carbine dedicated forum! Discuss anything about the M1 Carbine!
MacTec Enterprises Classic & Collectible Arms Sales | Importer & Dealer for Karl Nill Grips
MacTec Targeting Solutions Classic & Collectible Arms Sales | Importer & Dealer for Karl Nill Grips
Miles Tactical Ghillie Suits Ghillie Suit Camouflage Clothing
National Rifle Association
Omaha Outdoors Omaha Outdoors, LLC is an online gun shop stocked with a huge selection of hunting, camping, fishing, and shooting supplies. We are an American company that supports our law enforcement, military, and hunting communities.
Paul Denamiel Paul Denamiel is the owner and executive chef of Le Rivage. Le Rivage is a traditional french restaurant located on New yorks historic restaurant Row. Paul Denamiel is also known for his famously traditional dishes.  
Perfectly-Prepared.com Site dedicated to concerned citizens preparing for emergencies.
Picatinny Arsenal - the Heart of the U.S. Army's Armament and Munitions Research and Development Capability
Pro Roofing USA Pro Roofing USA is a full line of residential and commercial roofing solutions. It has the experience and expertise to solve almost any roofing problem you might have. To know more visit the site
Proof House Inc. Specializing in Collectable Military Firearms
Protecting Your Vision for Firearm Use Learn how you can protect your eyes so that you may properly use a firearm. https://www.nowtheglasses.com/resources/eye-health-11-tips-protecting-vision-2017/
Reload Your Gear Your source for all things military. We bring you up to date with the best products out there as well as comprehensive reviews.
rickysinc.com Collectors Firearms, Militaria, Reference Books, Parts & More
Second Amendment Supporters Second Amendment information.
Self-Defense Firearms Training Develop your skills with Handguns, shotguns and rifles, from the basic to the advanced. Classes emphasize self-defense situations.
Springfield Armory National Historic Site
Starline Brass Our people make the difference!
Texas Concealed Handgun of San Antonio The instructors for this one day class are all law enforcement officers and prosecutors from the District Attorneys office.
The Ammunition Store Quality Ammunition for less!
The M1 Garand Rifle The M1 Garand: An American Companion In Three Wars This site gives readers a look at this famous rifle giving particular emphasis to an extensive section on parts identification and stripping technique. Includes many other sections as well.
The Rice Report ® A--more or less--Weekly Journal of Opinion and Commentary From Inside the Academy. by Prof M.A. Rice
The Smoking Barrel USA Smokingbarrelusa.com is a website aimed at gun enthusiasts, both novice and experienced. The website aims to help educate and provide advice to people about firearms.
US Armory Specializing in Military Gun Parts and Accessories, with an emphasis on High Cap Mags.
Zietchick Research Institute Zietchick Research Institute (ZRI) is a Children’s Eye Health Care Centre, situated in Michigan, US. Also, It has been awarded NIH funding to perform its unique eye health care research.
Zietchick Research Institute Zietchick Research Institute is devoted to developing a brand new therapeutic that can prevent diabetic retinopathy To get more info about Zietchick Research Institute visit us
Zietchick Research Institute Tammy Movsas is the founder of children’s eye health care called Zietchick Research Institute. She is a board-certified ophthalmologist with extensive skills To know more visit us.


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