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M1 Garand Instructional Chart

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These photos were lifted from an Ord Department Instruction Chart.
The actual size of the chart is 34" x 44"
The actual plates are absolutely beautiful - color and resolution wise.
These photos don't really do the chart justice, but may prove interesting for some of you.
Comments are welcome via E-Mail.

The originals are a little clearer, so I thought I would share some details with you.

Serial # 623602
Cut down Bayonet
Lockbar Rear Sight
Late Front Site Screw
Rivited Follower Rod
"No Wing" Hammer Strut
Milled Trigger Gaurd
No Hole, Round Top Safety
Small Pad, Keyholed Trigger Housing
Uncut -9 Flat Side Op Rod
Milled Bullet Guide
Stamped Rear Handgaurd Clip
Narrow Base Gas Cylinder
Solid Lower Band Pin

Also Note the "No Return" Poppet type Gas Plug on the Grenade Launcher Page

I didnt check with Duff's books, but I think they documented a mixmaster

If any one knows where I can buy one of these for the M1 Carbine, Please Let me know.

The page takes a while to load if you have a slow connection, but is worth the wait.

Ordnance Department Chart

Basic Nomenclature - Mi Garand

Basic Functioning - M1 Garand

Trigger & Safety Function - M1 Garand

Field Stripping - M1 Garand

Detail Stripping - M1 Garand

Bolt & Gas Cylinder Function - M1 Garand

Trigger Housing Assembly - M1 Garand

Sight Assemblies - M1 Garand

Precautions - M1 Garand

Grenade Launcher - M1 Garand

Grenade Launcher Function - M1 Garand

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